Lovely Flower Frog By Weller

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Leda and the Swan by
Gustave Moreau

Great Gift Idea. According to Greek mythology Leda was a mortal who was seduced by Zeus, King of the Gods. Clever rascal that he was, he came to her in  the form of a swan.  This union produced several offspring including Helen of Troy,  the most beautiful woman in the world.  And,  guess what, Leda is not so bad herself. Leda is a Weller Muskota flower frog seen here as a lovely lamp. The figurine is about 7" tall. The lamp, including the shade, is about 16" tall. Together they make a striking statement and a great gift idea. For the ladies boudoir or for any side table. Alternate possibility for this beauty: Use a low watt colored bulb, say 7.5 watts, and create a lovely artistic night light; just a thought.  A very minor ding has been professionally and invisibly restored.  (Item 3987) To Buy Click On The Red Square . To see other Weller lamps and other outstanding Weller CLICK HERE!  To See the Weller Nude on a Rock (Item 418)  Click Here!

(Leda $895.00) Leda & Nude on the Rock (Item 418) For Both: $1600.00)

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