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418 Weller Nude On The Rock Nite Lite Mint 995.00
2745 Weller Ardsley Lamp, One of a Kind Mint 1300.00
3715 Weller Kingfisher Boudoir Lamp Mint 795.00
3723 Weller Glossy Selma Knifewood Lamp Mint 1295.00
3976 Weller Forest Lamp (pr) 1300.00 Sold
3982 Weller Fish & Stump Frog Lite/artist shade Mint 695.00 Sold
3986 Weller Frog Lite Standard Shade Mint 595.00 Sold
3987 Weller's Leda & The Swan Nite Lite  (pr) 895.00
4012 Weller Coppertone Lamp with Wire Shade Mint 1595.00 Sold

The Following Lamps Are Sold. Listed Here As A Photographic Record


Weller Muskota or Woodcraft Lamp Kingfisher  (Rare)

Mint 1895.00 Sold
3130 Weller Fish & Stump Flower Frog Lite Mint 795.00 Sold
3131 Weller Bonito Factory Lamp  Mint 995.00 Sold
3531 Weller Knifewood Selma Lamp   Mint 1050.00 Sold
3555 Weller Flemish Lamp Mint 675.00  Sold
3702 Weller Woodcraft Owl Lamp Mint 1800.00  Sold
3709 Fabulous Weller Knifewood/Selma Lamp Mint 850.00 Sold
3797 Weller Blue Decorated Lamp from the 20's Mint 695.00


3798 Super Weller Woodcraft Owl Lamp from the teens Mint 1700.00


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