The Weller Muskota Line was created by Rudolf Lorber in 1915. His creations remain some of the most sought after by today's discriminating collectors.  The Weller Flower Frogs and garden animals listed below are no exception. Enjoy.

Weller Garden Ware Pelican

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**** Price


419 Leda & the Swan Flower Frog Mint 795.00
360 Weller Muskota Lobster Flower Frog Mint 395.00
586 Weller Muskota Flower Bud Frog Mint 225.00 Sold
1831 Weller Muskota Swan Flower Frog Mint 495.00
2206 Weller Muskota Starfish Flower Frog Mint 350.00 Sold
3298 Weller Muskota Garden Ware
Fisher Boy
Mint $$$$$ NFS
3417 Weller Muskota Mushroom Flower Frog (pr) 265.00
3418 Weller Muskota 
Turtle Flower Frog
Mint 575.00 Sold
3556 Weller Muskota Garden Ware Pelican (pr) $$$$$ NFS
3928 Weller Muskota Girl With Doll Mint 495.00

The Items Below Are Sold.

361 Weller Muskota Crab Frog Mint 425.00 Sold
365 Weller Muskota Fish Flower Frog 3" Mint 575.00 Sold
366 Weller Muskota Fish Frog  Mint 645.00 Sold
368 Weller Turtle Flower Frog Mint 595.00 Sold
371 Weller Crab Flower Frog Mint  $$$$ Sold
372 Weller Butterfly Flower Flower Frog Mint  $$$$ Sold
2409 Weller Muskota Nude Boys Mint 950.00 Sold
373 Weller Leaf Flower Frog Mint 225.00


377 Weller Fisher Boy Flower Frog Mint 395.00 Sold
378 Weller Bowl With Swan (pr) 425.00 Sold
417 Weller Muskota  Nude On Rock Mint 795.00 Sold
1151 Weller Muskota Pagoda Frog Mint 695.00 Sold

Weller Muskota Barefoot Lady

Mint 895.00 Sold
1798 Weller Muskota Chick Frog Mint 795.00 Sold
2422 Weller Muskota Lady Sitting Flower Frog Mint 895.00 Sold
2554 Weller Muskota Daisy Frog Mint 165.00


2560 Weller Muskota Kneeling Nude Mint 550.00 Sold

Weller Muskota Lady Powder Jar

Mint 595.00 Sold

Weller Muskota Nude on Stump

Mint 595.00


3135 Weller Muskota Nude Boy Mint 550.00 Sold
3288 Weller Geese Flower Frog (pr) 545.00 Sold
3575 Weller Lavonia Semi Nude Wall Pocket Mint 395.00 Sold
3576 Weller Hobart Nude Flower Bowl or Frog Mint 695.00 Sold
3624 Weller Muskota Lizard Flower Frog (pr) 325.00 Sold
3703 Weller Muskota Fish Flower Frog (pr) 525.00 Sold
3926 Weller Kingfisher Fish Bowl Lamp Base Mint 1150.00 Sold
3927 Weller Muskota Girl With Bonnet Mint 375.00 Sold
3931 Weller Muskota Cat Fish Bowl Lamp Base (pr) 975.00 Sold

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****(pr)=professional repair
NFS= Not For Sale

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